Adult Toy Club

Welcome to Adult Toy Club! Sex toys spice up your love life and add adventure to the bedroom and Adult Toy Club is a comprehensive guide filled with information about how to use sex toys and where to buy toys online.

Orgasms feel good, there's no disputing that. Adult Toy Club is here to help you find sex toys that will give you better, longer orgasms. You can buy toys in just about any sex shop, but buying online is a more discreet option. Our guide will teach you what to look for when you buy toys and how to use sex toys in ways that you've never imagined. While utilizing sex toys is most often thought of as a solitary act, many couples enjoy using them together. They can enhance intercourse and sustain orgasms, making for an amazing bonding session between lovers. If you've never experimented with sex toys, now is your time to try something new.

Safe Sex

It is a common misconception that sex toys can cause health problems with extended use. In fact, the opposite is true. Using sex toys brings about body awareness and will make your sex life healthier and stronger. When it comes to a method of contraception, toys are the ultimate in safe sex. However, you must practice proper care and know how to use sex toys before you purchase them. If you share sex toys with a partner, you must clean them thoroughly to ensure that you're having safe sex and avoiding infection. If you notice visible cracks in toys, throw them out immediately. The same holds true for any mold or mildew damage.

Nipple Clamps

Well, you could use grandma's clothespins, but nipple splinters will really kill the mood. Nipple clamps were invented to provide stimulation to the sensitive nipple area, while freeing up the hands for optimum pleasure. Teasing the nipples is considered one of the most powerful methods of erotic foreplay. Buy some nipple clamps and watch your lover squirm in delight!